The International Society of Friends of Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, ISSP,

was founded in 1977 to support the Jewellery Museum in its work and tasks.

The idea was initiated by Ida Boelen-van Gelder from the Netherlands, who teamed up with other founding members from Germany and several other European countries, as well as from Japan and the USA, to support this unparalleled collection and the Jewellery Museum’s interests both financially and conceptually on an honorary basis.

The ISSP, a non-profit organization, supports the Jewellery Museum in many ways, for example in regards to

  • purchasing new pieces of jewellery, both historical and modern
  • staging special exhibitions
  • producing publications on the history of jewellery
  • financing exhibition catalogues
  • purchasing technical devices and other equipment for the Museum, such as audio guides and folding chairs for visitors
  • its members’ working on an honorary basis in the Museum’s shop
  • staging one-day events
  • its public relations activities

The ISSP feels particularly committed to the Museum’s projects for children, aimed at familiarizing the young generation with the rich cultural heritage showcased at Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum.

Since 1998, the ISSP has also been supporting the “Junge Schmuckkunst” (“Art Jewellery by Young Talents”) project by awarding a prize and purchasing a piece created by the award-winner for the Jewellery Museum.

In addition to supporting Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum, the ISSP’s commitment also serves to strengthen the image of the city of Pforzheim, as well as that of the traditional jewellery and watchmaking industries, which play such an important role for both the city and the region.