Projects for children

The ISSP attaches great importance to children and youth work. The Society aims to kindle children’s and young people’s enthusiasm for the Jewellery Museum and reduce their apprehensions about it. This is why we financially support the Museum’s activities for children and young people, contribute to the concepts for the Museum’s educational events, and also stage our own events.

These activities include guided tours and workshops oriented on the collection’s subject areas such as animal motifs, gemstones, pocket watches, or the Museum’s special themed exhibitions.

The mobile »KinderSchmuckmuseum« (»Children’s Jewellery Museum«), a chest with drawers filled with jewellery, makes the children’s visit to the Museum an active experience, because they are not only allowed to look at the pieces, but also to touch and experiment with them.

The workshops supported by the ISSP give children and young people an opportunity to be creative themselves. With the assistance of the jewellery designers Traudel Hennig and Monika Dengler, the participants create their own individual pieces of jewellery, which they can take home afterwards.

In addition, the ISSP also supports the »Schmuckfieber« (»Jewellery Fever«) project initiated by the art historian Claudia Baumbusch and the designer Regine Landauer, who give kindergarten groups and from all types of schools an opportunity to take close-up looks at jewellery, and to design and create jewellery themselves.